FUTMillionaire 16 Trading Center Review

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FUT Millionaire is basically a software developed for the purposes of auto biding and auto buying with intention of helping the users earn money. These two modules, namely the auto buyer and the auto bidder are only usable one at a time and not simultaneously. It is a recent technological innovation of soccer video gaming. It is five years old and comes in different updated versions periodically. Some of its past versions include the FUT Millionaire 13, FUT Millionaire 14, FUT Millionaire 15 and FUT Millionaire 16.

The recent version of FUT Millionaire is the FUT Millionaire 17 or rather, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Millions. FUT Millionaire simply provides the passionate adherents of video gaming with an opportunity to make money from their passion. This software is programmed to automatically trade in cards following the set instructions. This basically means that a card can be bought and sold automatically. This requires the trader to simply indentify a card, place a buying value and a selling value, and watch as the program executes all other details.

FUT 17 Millionaire is an evolutionary product of FUT Millionaire Trading Centre that has been developed from an informative point of view. This is because its developers had the opportunity to learn from the mistakes they made in the previous versions. This is evidenced by the fact that fewer errors can be experienced in the current version. Furthermore, the programmers have gone as far as adding several features in the updated version to ensure quality, ease of use and speed in the activities of the program.

How FUT Millionaire Works?

  • It works through bidding and buying items. The trader auto bids and auto buys items listed for sale at the price in which the trader is set for buying the items. An example is players listed for selling cards. This simply requires the gamer to pinpoint a card he intends to buy or bid, list a price for the card’s sale or bid, and wait for the automated software to take care of any other step required in the trade.
  • The next step is listing the items bought. The program then lays down the number of items that have been sold at the price the trader bought them at.
  • A minimum percentage of the profit is then availed through the adding list.
  • Ones the items are sold, they are removed from the selling list and those that remained unsold are put in a new list for reselling.

Features Found in the FUT Millionaire

The previous FUT Millionaire versions were not as developed as the current version of the software, FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Millions. In comparison to them, FUT Millionaire 17 has undergone updates to facilitate trade. This provides the traders with the opportunity of earning more coins. This eventually allows them to buy players with experience and skills within a short period of time and add them in their teams. Thus the chances of winning rises to a great extent.

FIFA 17 program is fitted with several components that facilitates easier and faster trading.

FUT 17 Millionaire tabs:

  • The Trading Widow: It enables the gamer to simply check out and access the control of the program’s activities. These activities include the ability to change the operating module, be it auto buy or auto bid and the ability to check out his remaining coins.
  • The Buyer Inventory Bidder Inventory tab: this tab presents the trader with an opportunity to list down all the cards that he intends to buy and sell rather than operating one at a time.
  • The History Display tab: It enables the trader to access the history of all transaction activities that was previously carried out. Being a profit making trade, it requires the gamer to be vigilant enough for ensuring that he critically analyses the situation on the ground that are more profitable. In order to minimize losses, the trader is in a position to determine items that are sellable at a higher rate for the purpose of making profits.
  • The Price Auto Updater tab: the tab monitors changes in price with regard to an item. This plays a huge role in ensuring that the trader is protected from depreciating prices on items. This is possible due to the fact that instead of placing a buying or selling price in figures, the tab enables the trader to place a percentage in which he or she is willing to offer or accept for a given card listed for sale. Additionally, the Price Auto Updater tab ensures that a trader do not buy items for more than the required prices. This happens as the tab tracks down possible price fluctuations in the market on the items listed for sale or buy in the market.

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Advantages of FUT Millionaire

  • It is a safe auto bidding auto buying program. This program has been developed in such a manner that requires users to enter their personal data every time they want to log into their account. This is unlike most developed auto bidding auto buying programs that enable account holders’ personal data storage. In this case FUT Millionaire protects its users’ accounts from being stolen.
  • It is compatible with most video gaming platforms. Kit is developed in a manner that ensures automatic detection of the most compatible platforms and log in of an account holder.
  • It is fast and therefore it is time-saving. This program operates within a very short period of time to come up with a trader’s team, thus allowing the trader an almost immediately opportunity to trade.
  • It is a reliable video gaming program. FUT Millionaire Trading Centre is dedicated in creating high-quality updated programs. This is proved by the fact that before any given program is released for subscription in the common market, the program is thoroughly tested by the Trading Centre. Evidently, the newest product of FUT Millionaire, the FUT Millionaire 17, is no exception. Additionally, once the gamer subscribes to the program, he or she is put in a position that ensures added benefits that include entry to the exclusive member area. This area has automated tools to make coin making a very fast process, thus boosting the efficiency of the software.
  • It provides a platform of communication with its users. The software developers are conscious enough of the fact that customers need assurance on the quality of a product before buying it.  Therefore, questions can be raised via email to the developers. The FUT Millionaire Trading Centre ensures that all the queries raised by users with regard to their products are promptly resolved. The program has a 24/7 support reception.
  • It has efficient usability. It is programmed in such a manner that it is able to gain all market entries with regard to items required by the trader once he indicates the price value. This includes items he or she intends to buy or bid.
  • The software provides users with different options. Traders have a choice to either auto buy or auto bid items. The software can also be commanded to stop selling or buying items once a specified coin count is reached. Moreover, the gamers have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the program whenever they want.
  • It is easy to learn. The program provides a number of guides to the gamers. These guides are very important for the first timers in order to ensure that they understand the rules and activities carried out in the program. One of them acts as the program’s introduction guide. Thus, the beginners become knowledgeable with regard to critical matters, such as how to use the program and how to buy or sell players.

Challenges experienced in the FUT Millionaire

Despite its numerous advantages, the program has its loopholes which are mentioned below:

  • It is challenging for a first timer to use the program. The program is fitted with a combination of an auto bidder and an auto buyer. These features cannot be used at the same time. Gamers have to choose one of the options, making it a bit of a challenge for the beginners.
  • The program is complicated for the starters and requires extensive orientation on it. It includes knowing the rules of gaming, how to maximize profits by accumulating as much gold coins as possible and how to invest them intelligently in order to earn more.
  • The program is a bit expensive. The latest version of the FUT Millionaire requires monthly user subscription in addition to the initial buying price, which is $2290. This may make it inaccessible to some interested gamers.



In conclusion, it can be said that the FUT Millionaire program has been advancing with the release of every new version since its inception. This is evident through various improvements that its latest versions bear. The release of FUT 17 Millionaire is the latest achievements of the FUT Millionaire Trading Centre and a true product of high-quality innovation.

Despite the complications of the program for the beginners, first time gamers can get a guideline on how to use the program and acquire the necessary skills to trade successfully. When gamers follow the laid down guidelines, FUT Millionaire becomes a decent source of investment. 


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